In the Heart of the Sea

Oscar winner Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Mind") directs the action adventure "In the Heart of the Sea," based on Nathaniel Philbrick's best-selling book about the dramatic true journey of the Essex.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Some of Sin City's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with a few of its more reviled inhabitants.

Devil's Pass

Five ambitious students attempt to learn what happened to nine Russian hikers who died under bizarre circumstances in 1959 by retracing their route into the remote Ural Mountains. Their journey is beset by strange and increasingly terrifying occurrences, convincing them that forces - human or otherwise - don't want them to uncover the truth. This film is inspired by true events.



High Stakes

When two friends get in over their head in gambling, to pay off their debt, they become the bet.

Executive Producer: Lee Dreyfuss
Producers: Kia Jam, Steve Richards, Peter Guber
Written by: Ronnie Christensen

Killers Game

After learning he is dying, a hit man puts out a hit on himself, but when he learns his doctor made a mistake and he's not dying, he must now fight for his life against the world's top assassins while protecting his lover in the process.

Producers: Kia Jam, Andrew Lazar, Steve Richards
Written by: Simon Kinberg


The Day the Clown Cried

Karl Schmidt, an egotistical clown working in Nazi-era Germany finds himself falsely imprisoned in a work camp for political dissidents. As the situation turns grim, Karl must decide whether he will fight for his freedom or use his craft to provide comfort to others facing the cruel treatment of the guards..

Executive Producers: Michael Barclay, Mel Weiss, Lee Dreyfuss
Producers: Kia Jam, Gaston Pavlovich
Co-Producers: Richard Reid
Written by: Joan O'Brien, Charles Denton

Taming Ben Taylor

Sparks fly as handsome recluse Ben Taylor is forced to fight off attempts by a stunning and cunning real estate agent to steal his precious land out from under him.

Producers: Kia Jam, Marius Balchunas, Scott Sturgeon
Written by: Marius Balchunas, Amy Lasser, Scott Sturgeon

Stopping Power

During a tension-filled international vacation with his daughter and a young girlfriend, an American unluckily crosses paths with an international thief whose car has been spotted by the police. The thief kidnaps the daughter and forces the father to drive the getaway car as a decoy for the police, resulting in a lethal, high-speed chase.

Producer: Kia Jam
Written by: Eric Red, Skip Woods, Richard Shepard

Santa: The Adventure Begins

We all know Santa Claus. He is the world's most recognizable and beloved mythic persona in the world. And yet, we know very little about him. Who is Santa Claus really? Where did he come from? How does he do what he does and why? Our movie will answer all of these questions in a most delightful and exciting way.

Executive Producer: Lee Dreyfuss
Producers: Dean Altit, Kia Jam, Barrie M. Osborne
Written by: Tamara Taillie


A troubled suburban dad who reluctantly calls together an oddball assortment of friends and family to intervene on the supposed drug habit of his 15-year- old son, Jake. What follows is a night of finger-pointing, petty thievery, adulterous backstabbing and a seesaw of crooked emotional revelations — all leading to the misguided but sincere attempt to heal this dysfunctional American family.

Directed by: Bob Saget
Producers: Kia Jam, Nicholas Tabarrok
Written by: Joshua Turek

The Misfits

After discovering his daughter is on a hit list, cyber-criminal Dalton Sanders breaks out of prison to discover the best way to end the threat is to engage in an elaborate gold heist with a group of unconventional thieves.

Producers: Kia Jam, Amaury Nolasco


Crash Pad

What if the only place you felt at home, was away...?
Crash Pad is a place where sharp minded Captains cross paths with novice baggage handlers, in their underwear. Where seasoned mechanics instruct inexperienced new hires. Where the newcomer flight attendant quarrels with the veteran elite before becoming the bridesmaid at her wedding... all while playing poker and sometimes at the bar next door. It’s a place that is held together by its motley crew of regulars, who don’t always end up waking up in their own bunk.

Hilarity ensues when unexpected friendships, bizarre scenarios and characters from all over the world intersect, unravel and ignite at the Crash Pad.

Executive Producers: Kia Jam, Carolina Vianna Leite


The story of a world in which Angels and Demons operate among humanity... Infiltrating their daily lives, influencing their judgment, manipulating their actions and effecting their emotions.

Executive Producer: Kia Jam, Richard Reid
Written by: Chad Pentler, Richard Alan Reid

Above Heaven and Below Hell

Above Heaven and Below Hell is a new show that will take two people who believe and live completely different ways of life, and through living together in the same house for one week, will be given the chance to help the other person understand their point of view and life choices. Or will they both walk away unaffected with their beliefs unchanged.

Executive Producers: Kia Jam, Michael J. Sarna
Created by: Michael J. Sarna, Kia Jam

Divine Intervention

Have you ever come across a person who has a story that is so amazing, so unbelievable, that you cannot believe it is true? A story that defies all reason and commonsense? A story that's so implausible it surely must be a lie. Or could it be a story that can only be explained by, perhaps, Divine Intervention? Well, let's find out...

Executive Producers: Kia Jam, Michael J. Sarna
Created by: Michael J. Sarna, Kia Jam